Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tether (The Gateway Trilogy Book 3)

I Have read the first 2 books in this series and LOVE them so cannot wait to read this one!!!  :)

**Description Contains Book 2 Spoilers** 

Ember was only trying to keep a promise when she jumped into the demon world. But instead of saving Cole and his people, she found herself just as trapped as they are. She lives and learns with the Daemon survivors while the demon threat grows every day. 

Meanwhile Taren struggles with his guilt for not stopping Ember. He’s desperate to know she’s alive, but there's been no sign of her except in his own vivid dreams. 

As they struggle to reconnect, the Gateways around the world weaken, and the demons begin to amass for war. The end is near and Ember must face her fears if she has any hope of saving the world – or herself. 

With everything falling apart, her only hope is to find...her Tether.

                                         My Reviews:

The storyline of Gateway is amazing!!!! This book has one of the greatest openings that I have read! The rest of the story is just as great!!! I was completely hooked from the first page and did not want to put the story down until I read the last word. Garner presents a wonderful, amazing and story that is full of action, excitement and great characters. Love that it is full of twists-and-turns. I don't want to spoil anything, because the fun of the book is being taken by surprise, you will love it.
The book closes with a amazing plot-twist ending. As I was reading the sudden curve was thrown right at me!! Love that!!! A must read!!!!

I loved the first book and this one is the same with different twists into the book that made it even more exciting. I still fell this strong connection with Ember and I like her as our female lead.
Oh and of course there is a cliffhanger that will have you pulling your hair out but it works so well!!!! This one moves great I did not want to put it down! There is so much in there I cannot wait to reread it!!!
I can't wait till book three!!!

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