Monday, November 10, 2014

Arkadia Review

My Review: Arkadia by Dzintra Sullivan

I love the start to a new series and this one is amazing!!!! 5 tasty cupcakes from me!!!!
Arkadia is beautiful and unsure of her place in the world but grows with the love of friends and her "family". I love that "family" does not have to be blood. She is lost to herself and needs the love of the others to truly find herself, the love of a smoking hot Dragon helps too!!!
I'm not really a book boyfriend sort but if I had to pick one Bohdan would be it!! Love that he is a hockey player, I'm mad for hockey!!!
All the characters are wonderfully detailed and the story moves along. Once I started I could not put it down. I love a book I get sucked into!!!!

I cannot wait to see where my loved characters go in the next book, will be on pins untill Raven comes out!!!!

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  1. Great review.. yes I Pick Bohdan too! Loved Arkadia and really excited for Raven!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words... 💜💜💜💜