Saturday, May 28, 2016

Urban Mermaid (Tails from Colony Island Book One) by Howard Parson


Can an All-American mermaid find love and happiness while living and working in the big city? Penelope Anne Tench has searched for years, but neither love nor happiness seems destined to come her way. She’s about to give up on life completely when she decides to have a bit of fun by playing a joke on an unsuspecting human.
Her prank comes back to haunt her when she reports for work at her new job. Has she inadvertently exposed her home of Colony Island to the scrutiny of the human world? Has she betrayed the secret of their existence? Does she flee or does she stand her ground?
Mermaids are strongly warned not to consort with humans, but Penelope will break all the rules by getting into bed with one. Before the story ends, someone will wind up sleeping with the fishes.
        My Review:
This was a new take on mermaids, it has become such a done story choice but I went in with a clear and open mind. I'm glad I did because Howard Parsons did a amazing job putting a new spin on the topic!!!!
The setting for the most part is Colony Island. This beach town is so well done that you are drawn into it, the shops, beach fronts, and Mer who live there come alive. They become like friends, family and neighbors you would want to have. Because it is so well done it leads to the love story and many others to be set here I hope!!!!!
In this Penelope Tench has had enough of everything then everything changes for her in just that one perfect moment! In this case it's meeting Peter. This is not the classic girl meets boy story but it should be!!!
I cannot wait to see what happens in the world next!!

Take a look at the site!!!! Lots of fun stuff to check out!!!
if you would like to grab your own copy

Howard T. Parsons was born in Petersburg, Virginia during the final days of King George VI’s reign. He grew up and attended school in nearby Hopewell. The eldest son of Lucile and Howard T. Parsons, Sr., he attended North Carolina College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and graduated in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Although his interests lay in Virology and Marine Biology, the need to earn a living led him to the field of Information Technology. During his stint with the Michie Company in Charlottesville, Virginia, he developed the TOOL programming language, and in 2008, wrapped up a thirty-year career in legal publishing. At present, Howard is employed as a software engineer with the Dematic Corporation and lives in The Parsonage in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and the latest two moggies in a long line of house cats. His interests include pipe collecting, Scottish Highland Games, railroads, and heraldry.

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