Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Grizzly's Tale by Nara Malone

Are any of them strong enough to outsmart fate?
Grizz, Oso, and Kodie are Pantherian bear shifters, born into a culture where men have learned to share and protect their species’ most limited resource—females. They’ve accepted they will never have a Pantherian female as their shared mate. But can a human female handle a Pantherian, mating trio. If so, will she still want them when she knows what they are?
Is she strong enough to be their woman?
Cunning. Everyone uses the word to describe Katy. In Quarterz, the virtual reality world where men and women compete as hunter or prey, Katy has never been captured. At least, not until the bear clan arrived in the game. Powerful, smart, and straight out of her fantasies, Katy can't always outmaneuver the tests they create.
When the clan challenges her to take their team on in a real game of hunters and prey, she can’t resist the lure.

Are they strong enough to be her men?
When the game puts hearts and lives on the line, taking a loss is the only way to win.

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MY Review:

PictureThis was the first Nara Malone I've read and will now look for more, I love this world she has created. This was a new take on shifter lore that is very well thought out and done well. Her use of a virtual reality world brings it to a very current time.
I love a strong female lead and Katy is that, she can hold her own with the best. Add her own issues that she fights to contain even when faced with three bears wanting her. Grizz, Oso, and Kodie are a perfect blend of male and beast and just what Katy needs! 
There are some sexy parts to the book as well as erotica-menage but it is all done with taste and class, it all fits the tale and does not feel out of place.

I read rather quickly so this was a short read for me ( I tend to go for larger reads and pass on the short ones) but I was drawn in and felt there are many places the tale can go. I cannot wait for more of this series!!! 

*** I would have loved a bit more of a back story of the virtual meeting with each guy but it's my hope that maybe there will be 3 prequels to come along at some point!! (hint hint!!!)***

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  1. Oh, prequels! Hint taken :) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the Grizzly's Tale. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. I'll be picking up the first books asap! Love finding new to me authors!