Saturday, November 14, 2015

Island Of The Zombie King by Ellie Potts

Island Of The Zombie King by Ellie Potts

**Mature 18+ for explicit adult situations. Dark Erotic Science Fiction/Horror. Contains graphic scenes of violence**  (they were not that bad but it has to be said!!!!)


That had been three years ago. Now on an island off the coast of California a group of random people are doing just that surviving. You might be able to call it a utopia, as the world they knew is over run by flesh eating monsters. It looked like life was getting back to normal, or so they thought. Brian, has plans, which includes more than ruling the island he wants to rule the world and he might know how to do it. It is up to Ben, Kiley, and Ted who know the secret, and together they will have to stop Brian before he destroys their new home. 

Welcome to Island of the Zombie King. Book 1 in the Mad World Series.

My review:

I'm so happy to have found Ellie Potts books, each is wonderful and this new one is no different!
What happens after a zombie outbreak? Well open this one up to find out! I could not put it down. The characters are fully done, there back stories are complete and it all leaves you wanting more...... Much more!! I cannot wait to find out what will happen next in Mad World!

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