Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Vampires of Athens Box Set by Eva Pohler

The Vampires of Athens Box SetThe Vampires of Athens Box Set by Eva Pohler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

These books have a great new take on vampire myth and lore.
It all begins when Gertie has to travel to Greece for a year as a student at the American School. She cannot believe her host family and wants nothing more than to read vampire books until she can go home! Soon the huge adventure begins and she discovers that ancient Greek Gods and vampires are real! Gertie soon finds that the cute Greek boy she has a crush on is a vampire. Gertie learns that many legends in her beloved books are true! Of course she has to stay in Greece now!!! In the adventures Gertie is put in the middle of a war between the Gods and Vampires,
The plots are interesting and flow with twists and turns at a fast pace. (I could not put any of them down!)
The characters are very developed, I like the friendships that they gain and how bonded they are to one another.
I hate spoilers so I'll stop before I do!!!! I loved these books and recommend them!

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