Thursday, February 4, 2016

What I'm reading now!!!

Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans CollectionSupernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection by Kristie Cook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have fallen in love with this group!!! I love this idea so much of each writing to the same goal!!!
I'm working my way through them and will be adding along the way!!!

The Skinwalkers: I have never really read a Skinwalker book before but was so glad I did. This was a fast read for me, I could not put it down! Cannot wait to see what everyone else does for their part of the story

The Wolves: I love that in this one there is a strong female alpha! Very well done!!!

The Vampires: I love Brenda Pandos so I knew this would be a favorite for me!!! This was a interesting turn on vampires and I loved it!!

The Dragons: (reading now)

The Succubi: (this was the first I read in the set!!! I have not read much about succubi but would love to know more about this world!

The Witches: (soon)

The Necromancers: (soon)

The Cupids: (super excited to get to this one, I have never have read anything on cupids!!)

The Asgardians: (soon)

The Noir : (soon)

I hope the ‪#‎Dynamis‬ visit Salem next!!!!!!!

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